Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Birthday Walk in Leamington

Today is Clara's birthday. After a breakfast of French toast, fresh strawberries, and sausage, Clara and I drove to Leamington for a walk through Jephson Gardens and along the River Leam to Newbold Comyn Park. Here are some of the views:
Queen Victoria in front of the Leamington City Hall, at the bottom of The Parade. The pedestal on which the Queen is standing has been shifted about an inch on its base by a German bomb that fell nearby in World War II.
The Royal Pump Rooms. This was the center of the Victorian spa that put Leamington on the map. The Pump Rooms now house a Tourist Information Centre, a café, a library, and a small art gallery.
Clara in the Glasshouse, a new feature of Jephson Gardens since our last visit in 2000. Clara is wearing her birthday present from me: silver and abalone shell earrings.
Me standing on a bridge over the River Leam, with the Church of All Saints in the background across the river. For All Saints church, see "A Concert in Leamington" (January 28).

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