Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day Walk

Today I walked for a little over thirteen miles, from Kenilworth Castle to Hatton, then along the Grand Union Canal to Warwick, then back to Kenilworth through Leek Wootton. There were quite a few narrowboats going through the Hatton Locks, and I had a pleasant time daydreaming about drifting slowly from Birmingham to London on the canal. It seems like such a lovely way to travel. At each lock, I wanted to leap up and open the gate, pushing back the balance beam, or to turn the valve on the paddle gear to fill or empty the lock chamber. I stopped at the Hatton Locks café for lunch (French onion soup and bread), and again at the Saxon Mill for a half pint of Leffe. Sitting under a massive sycamore, sipping Belgian beer and looking out over the old mill pond after a ten-mile walk, I felt very European.

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