Saturday, May 19, 2007

Things to Do Before We Leave: Visit Berkswell

We're fortunate, in Northfield, Minnesota, to have a world-class producer of ewe's milk cheese at Shepherd's Way Farms in Nerstrand. Nerstrand is about ten miles from Northfield. Even closer to Kenilworth, five miles away, is Berkswell, home of the Berkswell Cheese Company, another world-class producer of ewe's milk cheese. They produce a delicious hard cheese, with a distinctive basket-weave markings on its rind, and two soft cheeses (Marlow and Kelsey Lane). On my list of things to do before we leave—in less than three months now!—is to visit Berkswell. Not only is the village the home of Ram Hall Farm, where the cheese is produced, it also has an Anglo-Saxon well (from which the village gets its name) and an unusual Norman church.

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