Sunday, July 22, 2007

Flooding on the River Avon

Here are a couple of photographs taken from the footbridge over the River Avon just beyond the church in Ashow, a short walk east of Kenilworth. The bridge usually crosses the Avon and connects with the public footpath through the field on the opposite side of the river. At the moment, the bridge looks more like a dock than a bridge. From the second picture, you can see that the Avon, at least at Ashow, is now more lake than river.

All of this water will have to flow southeastward, and will join the similarly flooded Severn at Tewkesbury. (More on the flooding in Gloucestershire from the BBC here.) This is what Tewkesbury looks like now:

You can see Tewkesbury Abbey—my favorite English parish church—at the right of the photograph, on a little green island above the flood. We had been planning a last-minute trip to Gloucester, but at the moment flooding has submerged many of the roads that lead to Gloucester, and has disrupted rail service.

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