Thursday, July 26, 2007

More Rain

It's raining heavily here in Kenilworth again. Here's the latest warning from the Met Office for the West Midlands:

Outbreaks of rain will be heavy at times during the rest of this morning and into the early afternoon. 15mm is likely in 3 hours in places. The public are advised to take extra care and refer to the latest Environment Agency, Floodline and 'Flood Warnings in Force', and to the 'Highways Agency' for further advice on traffic disruption on motorways and trunk roads.

Issued at: 1023 Thu 26 Jul


Anonymous said...

Oh dear :(

Hope this won't spoil your plans to venture south before you leave?

Rob Hardy said...

We're leaving for Chichester on Sunday morning. It's supposed to be nice on Sunday. Our plan is to visit Fishbourne Roman Palace on Sunday, then drive back up to Salisbury to spend the night, then visit Stonehenge on Monday. Meanwhile, the heavy rain has stopped here in Kenilworth, and the sun has made a belated appearance.

Anonymous said...

I think the forecast is better for the south (famous last words). Enjoy!

Rob Hardy said...

The sun is actually out now, and I am doing what all good English people do during these precious intervals of sunshine: hanging out laundry.